Business Partner – Sales leader

The Bradford Agency

This will be the least typical job posting that you have likely seen.  If you resonate, I’m looking forward to having a discussion with you.The type of “Who” I am looking for in a Business Partner.

  • You are a LEADER.
  • You are MOTIVATED to achieve… no matter what!
  • You are an EXCUSE ELIMINATOR not an excuse maker.
  • You have always wanted to earn what YOU KNOW YOU’RE WORTH if only, you had the right opportunity.
  • You are CONFIDENT enough in your abilities (and/or your ability to learn) that you don’t want a salary cap… You’re happier to be Commission only (until you start earning Ownership overrides) because you KNOW that you can outearn any salary cap.
  • You know that regardless of how much you already know, how good you already are… YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS GET BETTER and are COMMITTED to pursuing that goal!
  • When the “going gets tough” you get tougher. 
  • You are not too prideful to ask for help in order to have greater, faster success. 
  • You are a fighter, not a quitter.  

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • I have 23+ years of commission only experience in this field… I will Mentor you to help you succeed at your highest level.
  • The Company I am bringing you into has an Incredible track record of growth and is now in its 15th year.
  • There is no salary or draw.  This is a high Commission sales position leading into partnership and ownership.  I am NOT looking for someone who wants a guarantee… I am looking for someone who KNOWS that with the proven system, coaching and support, that THEY BECOME their own Guarantee!
  • You could earn well over $100,000 or even $200,000 your first year – (Many have done so and much more) but YOU have to put in the effort of you will fall short.  I am looking for people who want to earn in excess of $250,000 their first year and build Contractual Ownership for themselves and their family.  You will receive No guarantees from me that you will… because it isn’t up to me.  IT’S 100% up to YOU.

About us:

Apply for the position and assuming you pass the first impression zoom interview, you will be invited to a *virtual position overview” that will tell you everything you need to know in order for you to make a decision as to if this seems like what you’ve been waiting for your whole life (but never knew existed).*This is similar to an interview.  Your camera must be on.  You must be attentive and fully engaged in the conversation and process to be considered for this opportunity.  

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