Data Engineer (AWS Expert, Junior)


It takes powerful technology to connect our brands and partners with an audience of hundreds of millions of people. Whether you’re looking to write mobile app code, engineer the servers behind our massive ad tech stacks, or develop algorithms to help us process trillions of data points a day, what you do here will have a huge impact on our business—and the world.

A Lot About You

We’re in search of proficient engineers skilled in constructing and refining distributed systems. Our work encompasses everything from data ingestion and processing to optimizing storage. Collaborating closely with engineers and the product team, we aim to develop highly scalable systems that effectively address real-world data issues. Our customers count on us to deliver accurate, real-time, and resilient solutions to meet their evolving data requirements.

You will provide infrastructure designing, code development, execution, and innovation across specific engagements. The role is expected to collaborate with data scientists, business units, and analysts. The ideal candidate would have a strong understanding of distributed systems , data pipeline  and cloud development.

Your Day

  • Construct cutting-edge data pipelines to facilitate the near real-time ingestion of intelligence data and insights with the team.
  • Design scalable data pipelines and tackle real-time stream processing challenges at a significant scale with the team.
  • Assess open-source and cloud technologies to identify optimal solutions for our needs.

You Must Have

  • Proficiency with AWS platform technologies gained through practical experience
  • Experience in designing or developing enterprise-level data products, applications, and integrations
  • Better to know how to building products utilizing one of the following distributed technologies, including:
    – Relational Stores (such as MySQL, or Oracle)
    – Distributed Data warehouse (Apache Hive)
    – Distributed Processing Engines (such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink)
    – Distributed Queues (such as Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis)
  • Familiarity with software engineering best practices, including unit testing, code reviews, and design documentation
  • Fluency in Mandarin/Chinese is required
  • By applying to this position, you are required to locate in Taiwan

The Good Stuff

  • Work at Yahoo – At Yahoo, We want every employee to have as much flexibility as their role allows. Working from home or working from the office? Your choice!
  • Summer Friday – We know the importance of work/life balance and realize that some working habits may not have kept up with the times.
  • Learning & Development – We have amazing programs you can enter to further grow your career, learn & develop new skills. We also provide you with a tuition reimbursement program for study.
  • Health and Wellbeing – We offer employee assistance program (EAP), health club reimbursement, employee vacation program, office massage for you to relieve from stress and release of pressure.
  • Work from Abroad Policy – the world as we know it has changed so if you need to travel back to your home country and work remotely, we have you covered.
  • Phone & Tech – We will provide all the Apple goods to do your job well.

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