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Newsweek is the global media organization that has earned audience time and trust for more than 90 years. Newsweek reaches 100 million people each month with thought-provoking news, opinion, images, graphics, and video delivered across a dozen print and digital platforms. Headquartered in New York City, Newsweek also publishes international editions in EMEA and Asia. 


Newsweek is seeking a full-time Family and Parenting Reporter to join our London team.

With a focus on an American audience, the ideal candidate will have detailed knowledge of family dynamics, child development, parenting styles, U.S. education, family health and wellness, marriage and family studies, family legal matters and current trends in family and parenting practices.

A strong understanding of American cultural and societal influences on family life, as well as the ability to approach sensitive topics with empathy and objectivity, is highly valued for this role.

The Family and Parenting Reporter will be able to research, source, pitch, and write several stories each day, including breaking news, original news and features, interviews, and exclusives. They will obtain source and expert comments, and use authoritative primary sources. They will produce vibrant, concise and clean copy to deadline. 

The successful candidate will have experience in a reporting role at a reputable organization. They will have a strong understanding of digital journalism and the needs of a fast-paced newsroom. They will have a skillful approach to writing engaging stories. They will be adept at monitoring social media, Google Trends and other news-gathering tools to find and identify stories and topics of interest to a U.S. audience. The candidate will be responsible for ensuring high-quality coverage that is accurate, fair, and conforms to accepted standards of journalism. 

Our office is based in London but you will have the ability to work from home anywhere in the UK.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Research, source, pitch, and write several stories each day, including original features and interviews.
  • Scour social media and other news gathering tools to find stories and emerging trends.
  • Check facts and sources and ensure content is of the highest possible standard.
  • Work with editors to ensure your work meets house style.
  • Ensure Newsweek delivers high-quality reporting that is accurate, fair, and conforms to accepted standards of journalism. 


  • Experience in a reporting role for a reputable organization.
  • Organization and planning skills.
  • SEO and online journalism skills.
  • Familiarity covering U.S. news and trends.
  • Familiarity with using social media, Google Trends and other news discovery tools to find stories.
  • Capable of working to tight deadlines.
  • Must be able to work flexible hours.



Newsweek is an equal opportunity employer. We seek employees of diverse backgrounds and are committed to providing an inclusive, equitable and respectful workplace.

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