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Atlas Technologies

Before you start reading, please read this carefully! We haven’t used a template so there is a lot of information that we’d like to share with you 🚀

Who we are

Atlas Technologies is building an end-to-end platform that helps recruitment professionals generate 50% more revenue. This is a greenfield software platform with no legacy code 👩‍💻 that has been founded by entrepreneurs with a successful track record.

We’ve built a profitable service business (BergSearch) in just 6 months to make sure we don’t burn capital and have exceptional financial backing.

We have two founding philosophies

  • The platform is being built with Generative AI at the core, which means that most features will utilise elements of generative AI ✨
  • We are a compound start-up: Instead of building a product to solve a single, small problem, we are building a holistic platform that looks at recruitment workflow holistically. This means numerous products wrapped into one elegant UX/UI

You will be central to the company’s success. You will probably write more code than you ever have and, for the next year, will work harder than you ever have. In return, we will give you life-changing equity in addition to a good salary.

Who you are

You are an experienced Full-Stack Engineer (NodeJS + React) who has the desire to wants to be part of a fast-growth environment.

You aren’t a ‘ticket-taker’; we expect you to own the engineering decisions through to implementations.

We aren’t building a single-point solution, we are solving an entire workflow problem. This means there is a lot of code to be written, and written well.


  • Full development cycle: planning, development, debugging, delivery, and maintenance of the features.
  • Ideation of new features
  • Playing a role in the development of the engineering culture of the business


  • Node.js, Express.js
  • React, Next.js
  • PostgreSQL, TypeORM
  • Redis, BullMQ
  • Heroku
  • OpenAI, Anthropic
  • AWS

Who you are

  • You are the most productive engineer in your company
  • You are a zero-to-one engineer. You quickly grasp complex problems and can get down to coding quickly. You probably dislike meetings because you see think 70% of them are a waste of time.
  • You love the blank page (IDE), you may have come from a big org but you want to be as agile as possible
  • At least 2 years of commercial development as a Full-Stack Engineer
  • You have built production code in a fast-growth environment
  • You have built a SaaS application on production
  • You believe that generative AI is the next dot-com era, and you’ve probably built some small applications as a hobby
  • You are considered to be a top 1% engineer by others and will be able to provide those people as a reference

What we offer

  • Salary of between USD50k – USD80k (this probably rules out Western European engineers!)
  • Equity with a seven-figure exit opportunity
  • A chance to build a business from scratch with two people who’ve done it before
  • A leadership team that believes in delegation and accountability


We have a preference for Greece, Ukraine (this is where our team currently sits) and India

Reaching out

Please do not reach out directly – we have created an application form and will respond there.

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