Machine Learning Engineer II, Yahoo News


A Little About Us

Yahoo is a global media and tech company that connects people to their passions. We reach nearly 900 million people around the world, bringing them closer to what they love—from finance and sports, to shopping, gaming and news—with the trusted products, content and tech that fuel their day.

At Yahoo News, we are laser-focused on making discovery delightful and becoming the world’s best curator for our 35 million daily users and expanding our distribution to more platforms to meet millions more users where they are. Building the best guide to the Internet (and the world) requires building the best team.

Location Preference: New York City or Reston, Virginia – hybrid work environment

A Lot About You

We are building a team with expertise across machine learning engineering, machine learning modeling and data engineering to enable us to deliver end-to-end product solutions. We encourage you to apply if you have expertise in one of these domains and you are excited to work on a “full-stack” ML engineering team

  • You excel at explaining technical concepts to anyone and everyone. People enjoy collaborating with you.
  • You have a bias for action. When you see problems, you solve them.
  • You are extremely curious. You are constantly interested in how the systems and models you interact with work “under the hood.”
  • You are customer focused–regardless of whether the customer is an external user or an internal team.
  • You know that writing code isn’t the end of the process, and you delight in understanding how that code is running in production, looking at metrics, and planning improvements.


  • Hands-on development of “full-stack” ranking, recommendation and content understanding systems that will power the next-generation of Yahoo! News.
  • Leverage third-party, open-source and in-house machine learning tools to build high-performing machine learning systems.
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional partners to leverage machine learning to improve Yahoo News for our readers and build state-of-the-art tooling for our editorial team.


  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)

ML Engineering

  • Industry experience in productionalizing batch and online machine learning models.
  • Knowledge of workflow orchestration solutions and opinions about best practices on how to use them.
  • Experience using and evaluating open-source and 3rd party “mlops” solutions.

ML Modeling 

  • Ability to formalize a product problem, run reproducible offline experiments and analyze the results.
  • Strong written communication and data visualization skills.
  • Experience working with modern ML frameworks (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow, Jax).
  • Understanding of the difference between “research” code and production code, and when each is appropriate.

Data Engineering 

  • Strong working knowledge of data engineering best practices & data warehousing concepts.
  • Strong familiarity with software engineering principles, design patterns, and code quality practices.
  • Previous working experience in Python and Java, Scala or Go.
  • Working knowledge of how data scientists leverage data.

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