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Pitch Labs

Background: Pitch Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is taking strides to change the face of entrepreneurship. As it stands right now, obtaining entrepreneurial knowledge can be expensive and seems only available to limited amounts of people. However, millions of entrepreneurs worldwide know that they can make innovations that will change and shape society forever. Pitch Labs is helping entrepreneurs unlock the resources they need by creating a free online library, hosting virtual events, and opening clubs in schools to allow entrepreneurs to unlock their skills and do what they are meant to do: create!

What We Need/Duties: We have a vision, we have a platform, but we need events to connect everyone together. Business reaches every single industry and profession in the world, and that means there are an infinite amount of questions to answer and lessons to teach. As a Human Resources Officer, you will collaborate with relevant Managers to process submissions, qualify and onboard applicants, assisting them to make sure that they have access to the resources needed to succeed during their time in the organization. Officers will also be responsible for monitoring their department(s) and collaborating with hiring staff to propose new ideas when necessary.


  • Onboarding Pitch Labs volunteers and ensure that they are familiar with their tasks & software tools
  • Oversee specific departments’ hiring needs & partnering with Department Manager(s)
  • Update website with new volunteer opportunities, new volunteer profiles, etc.
  • May offboard volunteers, handle department transfers, etc.
  • Attend and/or initiate onboarding sessions/interviews
  • create occasional company content for LinkedIn
  • Respond to messages on Discord within 24 hours


  • MUST be U.S. based
  • Detail-Oriented Team Player, responsive, proactive
  • Comfortable guiding/training others
  • Familiar with our tech stack (i.e. Discord, Google Admin/WorkSpace, LinkedIn, Canva, etc.)
  • BONUS POINTS: well-versed in GSheets/creating decks in Google Slides
  • Background, deep interest, or current/past Human Resources, Marketing, Online Education, Recruitment, Sourcing, Operations, or Event Planning experience

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