Security Architect


Position Overview

As an experienced Security professional in the Autodesk Trust division, you will apply your diverse security and technology skills to guide security practices in a rapidly evolving landscape. Drawing on your extensive experience in security and information technology domains such as systems architecture, software architecture, cloud systems, network engineering, and security engineering, you’ll establish or enable foundational standards, design patterns, and reference architectures. You will help Autodesk to understand and implement Security requirements at business scale.

Autodesk embraces a hybrid-work policy, and you will work remotely from your Canada-based home office with a team of Security Architects, reporting to a senior manager. Operating across all divisions of Autodesk, you’ll ensure a comprehensive approach to security strategy. Your work informs security needs for the entire lifecycle of Autodesk products and services, encompassing creation, design, development, testing, implementation, and ongoing operation. In your role, you will not only apply your existing security expertise but also further develop and refine your skills within the context of Autodesk’s large-scale operations.

Your role as a security architect does not have managerial responsibility. However, you will be comfortable as a technical leader, actively seeking, influencing, forming, and leading development of Security requirements across all Autodesk with numerous stakeholder types and formats.

Considering candidates for fully remote or hybrid/remote in Canada, Pacific through Eastern time zones.


  • Collaborate to grow new security standards, reference designs, templates, and other security architecture artefacts across application, network, system, data, AI, and cloud security domains
  • Offer security consultation to assist product and service partners in designing security requirements and best practices
  • Conduct gap analysis to assess security need versus actual implementations in products, environments, and business systems
  • Establish and maintain consistent communication channels with partners within and outside of Autodesk Trust to identify security opportunities, act on them
  • Research and evaluate emerging technologies to identify security solutions that address gaps or enhance security capabilities
  • Apply risk calculations to security data at scale to facilitate strategic decision-making processes
  • Use systems design and thinking principles to translate and enable security at scale, ensuring cohesion across multiple security workstreams
  • Provide mentorship and promote security awareness through professional excellence and direct engagement

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8+ years in security-focused, cloud-focused engineering, devops, or architecture roles
  • Familiarity with systems design and architectural constructs such as: TOGAF, SABSA, COBIT, ESA
  • Significant hands-on experience with at least 8/11 of the following: Vulnerability management, Public cloud IaaS engineering/architecture, System engineering or architecture, On-prem or traditional network engineering or architecture, Cloud network engineering or architecture, Application engineering or architecture, DevOps/DevSecOps including serverless and container/orchestration engineering and architecture, Standards and reference architecture creation, Risk or Compliance assessment, Penetration testing, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, or Forensics, Threat modelling

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