Senior Manager – Advertising (EMEA)

Channel Bakers

In the position of Senior Manager (EMEA) at Channel Bakers, you hold a pivotal leadership role, overseeing the development and performance of the Account Management team. Your adept management skills and leadership have led to remarkable growth and revenue outcomes for the organization, establishing you as a trusted figure in the company.

You will meet and present to clients and when required, work closely with our Business Development team to facilitate warm handovers of newly onboarded strategic or high-profile accounts. Always seeking opportunities to maximize client brands, you leverage your understanding of full-funnel marketing best practices to guide the team in aligning campaigns with client objectives. As a member of the Leadership Team, you contribute to the organization’s business plan by executing your departmental plan on time and within budget.

A hallmark of your leadership is the reputation for excellent communication and proactive engagement that you maintain. You excel in conveying crucial information across various platforms and contexts, consistently leaving a lasting impact. Your meticulous attention to detail persists as you oversee essential aspects such as team management, strategy execution, and the timely delivery of client reports. Your agility ensures the seamless integration of emerging client needs into your team’s workflow.

Your collaboration with the Learning and Development team is key to identifying and addressing gaps in training, and ensuring team members are well-equipped. Your strong communication skills shine across various platforms, leaving a lasting impact. Your meticulous attention to detail is evident in overseeing team management, strategy execution, and timely client report delivery. Your agility integrates emerging client needs seamlessly into the team’s workflow.

In the role of an advisor in high demand, your decision-making prowess stands out, shaped by analytical rigor, experience, and sound judgment. Your commitment to excellence, characterized by dedication, an action-oriented mindset, and a determination to overcome challenges, underscores your respect for time as a precious resource.

Graceful navigation of change, coupled with rapid assimilation of new information and enthusiasm for innovative solutions, is facilitated by your adaptability and resilience. As a high-achiever, you consistently surpass targets and motivate the team to excel.

Above all, your unwavering dedication to meeting stakeholder needs and championing client interests in every decision solidifies your position as a paragon of excellence within the organization.

Required Qualifications and Experience :

  • Extensive experience in Amazon Advertising, including proficiency in Demand Side Platform (DSP) operations and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), and demonstrated competence in managing various retail media channels
  • Minimum 5+ years of Marketing or Advertising account management experience in a fast-moving, client-facing environment
  • Degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications preferred or equal period of relevant work experience in digital advertising.
  • Business fluency in English and at least one other market-relevant language (German preferred)
  • Proven experience in fostering a culture of mentorship and providing steadfast support within high-performing teams
  • Demonstrated mastery of comprehensive full-funnel marketing best practices and strategic approaches
  • Proven ability to analyze client needs to pinpoint growth opportunities and identify new service and sales prospects for the agency
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analytical and qualitative skills – unphased by numerical data, with a mastery that extends beyond numerical figures, delving into the understanding of the “how” and “why” these data points hold significance and impact for our clients.
  • Proven track record of effectively managing tasks within a team while demonstrating an exceptional ability to facilitate the growth and development of team members
  • Proficient user of standard office software (MS Office etc.)
  • Intermediate or advanced Excel skills essential
  • Proven ability to cultivate and foster new relationships and deepen existing ones
  • Proven track history of driving your own professional and personal development

Everyday Tasks :

  • Drive strategic revenue growth, champion service sales initiatives, and cultivate enduring client relationships to fortify Channel Bakers’ market position significantly
  • Attract, train, cultivate, and lead a dynamic Account Management team, guiding their daily tasks and projects toward client goals and team progression. Be ready to provide aid when necessary to cultivate growth and elevate overall performance.
  • Apply your industry acumen to aid in the implementation and management of processes that enhance our agility, enabling us to effectively support our employees and clients while maintaining our position as industry leaders
  • Support Account Executives and Account Managers as they leverage strategic insights to identify growth areas for clients and proactively discover fresh service and sales opportunities to drive agency success
  • Team up with Account Executives on critical initiatives, including assistance with client-facing presentations as needed.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Director of EMEA Operations and the Learning and Development Partner to identify business-critical learning opportunities and develop effective training materials and programs for the team
  • Development and elevation of current Account Executive and Account Management standard operating procedures incorporating best practices gleaned through collaboration with peers and clients
  • Establish routine meetings with the appropriate stakeholders to maintain a seamless and efficient relationship with our Advertising Specialist team
  • Lend support to the Senior Director of EMEA Operations in addressing team challenges
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities and industry trends to expand brands’ reach across various platforms and services, thereby driving growth.
  • Respond promptly to ad hoc client requests, demonstrating flexibility and a commitment to exceptional client service.
  • Partner closely with the Product Team to ensure continued innovation and knowledge sharing at the Account Management level
  • Maintain the requisite certifications mandated by platforms, partners, or local and federal government for your role to uphold the highest professional and compliance standards.
  • Promote effective cross-functional communication and collaboration within Channel Bakers and other key stakeholders, fostering a unified and cohesive approach to client management.

Position Details :

  • Office Location: Remote in Europe
  • Role Classification: Manager of People
  • Reports To: Senior Director of EMEA Operations
  • Travel: Occasional overnight travel required about 10-15% of the time
  • Hours: Full – Time (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm) with flexible working potential (40 hours per week (Monday to Friday) with flexible working potential)

Job Perks:

  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Working
  • Absurd ‘Summer’ Fridays
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Team social events
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • UK: Healthcare Cash Plan
  • UK: Retirement Savings Plan with 4% employer contribution

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