Senior Treasury Analyst, Cash Management

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The position

This is an exciting time to join Remote and make a personal difference in the global employment space as a Senior Treasury Analyst, Cash Management joining our Treasury team.

What this job can offer you

Cash Forecasting: Develop and maintain short-term and long-term cash forecasts. Analyze variances between forecasted and actual cash flows.

Liquidity Management: Ensure the organization has sufficient funds to meet operational needs. Optimize cash concentration and disbursement processes.

Intercompany financing: Oversee and manage intercompany loan agreements, ensuring compliance, accurate tracking, and timely settlements. Work closely with accounting to reconcile intercompany balances and transactions.

Banking Relations: Collaborate with banking partners to leverage services, negotiate fees, and stay updated on industry best practices and trends.

Process Improvement: Identify opportunities to improve cash management processes and implement best practices.

Reporting: Prepare regular cash position reports, analyze cash transactions, and provide insights on cash flow trends.

Investment & Debt Activities: Collaborate with the treasury team on short-term investments or borrowing based on cash surplus or deficit projections.

Risk Management: Monitor and manage risks related to cash positions, including fraud risks. Ensure compliance with internal controls and procedures.

Systems & Technology: Utilize and optimize cash management systems and tools.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work with various departments such as finance, accounting, operations, and procurement to gather data and understand cash flow implications.

Project Involvement: Participate in or lead projects related to cash management, banking transitions, system implementations, etc.

What you bring

Minimum of 3 years in Treasury roles, mainly related to Cash Management.

Expertise in liquidity/cash management, financial projections and analysis, intercompany financing, and understanding of debt and equity markets.

Ability to swiftly execute tasks without compromising on the precision – adeptness at balancing speed and quality is crucial.

Proven capability to thrive in high-pressure scenarios, especially when faced with tight deadlines and multitasking.

Demonstrated analytical abilities, exceptional problem-solving prowess, and a keen eye for detail.

Effective communication skills, both in writing and speech, paired with a natural inclination to foster relationships.

Background in fast-scaling startups or major global corporations is an advantage.

Project management experience is a plus

Proficient in English, both spoken and written.

It’s not required to have experience working remotely, but considered a plus


You’ll report to: Global Treasury Manager, Cash Management Operations

Team: Finance – Treasury

Location: EMEA & India

Start date: As soon as possible

Remote Compensation Philosophy

Remote’s Total Rewards philosophy is to ensure fair, unbiased compensation and fair equity pay along with competitive benefits in all locations in which we operate. We do not agree to or encourage cheap-labor practices and therefore we ensure to pay above in-location rates. We hope to inspire other companies to support global talent-hiring and bring local wealth to developing countries.

At first glance our salary bands seem quite wide – here is some context. At Remote we have international operations and a globally distributed workforce. We use geo ranges to consider geographic pay differentials as part of our global compensation strategy to remain competitive in various markets while we hiring globally.

The base salary range for this full-time position is $31 350 to $105 850. Our salary ranges are determined by role, level and location, and our job titles may span more than one career level. The actual base pay for the successful candidate in this role is dependent upon many factors such as location, transferable or job-related skills, work experience, relevant training, business needs, and market demands. The base salary range may be subject to change.

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