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It’s an amazing time to be joining Netflix as we continue to transform entertainment. We deliver billions of hours of movies and TV shows per month to more than 269 million members in over 190 countries. At Netflix, we want to entertain the world. To achieve this, we must be able to rapidly build and ship innovative experiences for our members and creators all around the globe.

Who we are

Resilience Engineering’s purpose is to help other teams at Netflix understand the outcomes of changes before they reach production, such as a code change introduced to their application. Our platform and tools are leveraged by many of the most critical services at Netflix to confidently and safely deliver changes to production.

We enable teams to gain confidence in changes and understand whether those changes are having the intended outcomes and working as expected. Our tools help them determine if changes are having unintended consequences that could negatively impact Netflix’s users, such as increasing error rates or latency.

Where we work

We are a distributed team. We have folks both near the office and who are remote; we operate as a distributed time. We meet in person roughly quarterly.
What you could work on

  • Enhancing the confidence and safety of deploying changes across the fleet of applications at Netflix.
  • Enabling teams to better understand and prepare for sudden spikes in traffic and other load scenarios, both at the application level and system level.

Some of the larger initiatives we will be focusing on are:

  • Building the system that validates changes across the Netflix fleet.
  • Developing new approaches to cover more of the fleet of applications at netflix to more confidently assess whether a change causes negative impacts.
  • Improving the efficacy of our existing validation approaches so that there are fewer false positives.
  • Increasing the depth and breadth of our performance testing tooling

About you:

  • You are curious and enjoy working on ambiguous problems where the solutions are not (yet) well-defined.
  • You enjoy collaborating with multiple teams and use your communication skills to influence product direction.
  • You are product-focused, driving the design, development, and implementation in order to turn a user’s pain points into simple and elegant solutions.
  • You have experience or exposure to distributed systems including how to debug them and how they can fail.

About Netflix

Our culture is unique, and we tend to live by our values, allowing you to do your best work and grow. To learn more about Productivity Engineering, feel free to listen to this podcast.

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