Spanish Reviewer/Editor/Certifier, DOJ LSS


  • Qualifying scores ILR 4 minimum or equivalent on language/translation tests.
  • Know both English and foreign language vocabularies used in formal, legal, diplomatic, consultative, and casual modes of communication in various contexts, including colloquial slang, idiosyncratic slang, and regionalisms.
  • Know specialized vocabulary (and terminology) in both English and the foreign language related to the Government’s varied roles and missions, as well as possess research and analytical skills to make critical judgments regarding terminology, including expertise in the use of translation resources, monolingual reference materials, and online material.
  • Write in their native language fluently, but still have professional command of the non-native language.
  • Translate in a manner that is factually and conceptually accurate without changes, omissions, or additions.
  • Preserve the tone and register of source language materials.
  • Abide by relevant code of linguist ethics.



Clearance:  Active Public Trust or higher security clearance


Location: Remote / National Capitol Region / Various CONUS Locations




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