Tele Sales Representative

Paradise Media

Job Overview:

As a Tele Sales Representative, you will be responsible for generating sales leads, prospecting potential customers, and converting them into clients through outbound calls. Your goal is to effectively communicate the value proposition of our products or services, build rapport with prospects, and ultimately close sales over the phone.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct outbound calls to prospective customers from provided lead lists or databases.

Introduce products or services to prospects and articulate their features, benefits, and value proposition.

Engage prospects in meaningful conversations to understand their needs, challenges, and buying preferences.

Qualify leads based on established criteria and identify opportunities for sales.

Effectively address prospect objections and concerns, providing accurate information and resolving queries.

Build and maintain relationships with prospects through regular follow-up calls and communication.

Record detailed notes and update CRM systems with relevant information from each call.

Collaborate with sales team members and sales managers to optimize sales strategies and achieve targets.

Meet or exceed daily, weekly, and monthly sales quotas and performance metrics.

Continuously develop product knowledge, sales skills, and techniques through training and self-study.

Adhere to company policies, procedures, and compliance standards in all sales activities.


Proven experience in telemarketing, tele sales, or outbound sales role preferred.

Excellent communication skills, with the ability to engage and persuade prospects over the phone.

Strong negotiation and objection handling abilities.

Results-oriented mindset with a focus on achieving sales targets and driving revenue growth.

Ability to work independently and efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

Resilience and persistence in overcoming rejection and objections.

Proficiency in using CRM software and other sales tools.

High school diploma or equivalent required; additional education in sales or marketing is a plus.

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